If you identify with a particular village, facilitate freedom in it
**Take responsibility for all members of the village, build community strength **Understand Panchayati Swaraj and pass on the ideas to fellow villagers **Invite experts in various fields of village development to your village and get advice on how to progress **Initiate the Panchayati Swaraj movement from sapling, nursery and up to Village Master Plan **Take initiative to execute projects.

Share a great village story
If you are aware of achievements made by any village, in your close vicinity, that promotes village freedom and self reliance, and think that other villages should also work along similar lines, please provide feedback to the website.

Help translate the literature and website contents into local mother-tongues
Kindly write to author if you wish to provide resources to make the website available in vernacular languages. Use the feedback channel

Give Feedback to Website
Use the feedback facility to give any kind of feedback, suggestions, ideas, critiques, etc. to the website. Be a part of the solution.

Promote Swagrami
Aid, assist and facilitate in promoting Swagrami. Once you know that it is of immense value to the villages of India, it becomes your baby. Innovate and help reach out to the stake holders who can help popularize it. And where ever possible do please patronize useful Village Produce

Government and Corporate Executives do make a Difference
All members of government, elected office bearers and executives in private organization who have interactions with rural India can tip the scales favorably. In your domain of control there will surely exist opportunities to make a difference to villages. If you understand the goal of village freedom then in carrying out your responsibilities for your organization you can help push the village revoluton in the desired direction. This is an integral part of nation building. And it can be a win-win situation. ultimately it leads to prosperity all around and you will have contributed to it. Be Constitutional always. Access the literature, especially the book "Rising to Second Freedom" for detailed guidance. Do read the chapter provided down in that page to get ideas about how you can support from outside

Innovatively Promote the Ideas/Literature.
Read and understand/ Customize content for your village/Tell the story Arrange talks, workshops, road shows, etc. use available media to promote the ideas especially Swagrami. Click here to access relevent source materials

Consolidation through Research
Author welcomes research partnerships with institutions/individuals.
**All who can add academic strength by critically and exhaustively analyzing the ideas are welcome.
**There is also urgent requirement of a research team that can device metrics for measuring the six freedoms and therefore rank villages according to a standardized freedom index, Write back in the feedback page

If you wish to sponsor
Those who can help financially are most welcome. It will free the author to work on this task dedicatedly and to expand the scope of the services this website can offer. Advertisers who wish to carry this new "Idea" to the people are also welcome. Please do write back to the author through the feedback page expressing your interest. A trust is on the anvil and through it the good works related to promoting Panchayati Swaraj to the last mile will be undertaken. Watch this space for an update.
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