Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
What is this website about?
This website is about how Villages can become masters of their own destiny ... in substantial measure. How common citizens from the village can participate in transforming their communities into cohesive, active and effective units. How their village can become a building block for the nation. How they can get down to tackling the problems facing the poorest of Indians; poverty, farmers's sucides, joblessness, education and the like. It is the operational part of a deep study on Inidia applicable to the villages. It represents a contemporary interpretation of a solution that has already worked wonders in the Indian subcontinent earlier. This website can act as a catylist to invigorate village communities. If even a small percentage of the villages of India get down to implementing Panchayati Swaraj, it will trigger the transformation of the nation.

How can I use this website?
If you are a stakeholder in any village's development then use this website to first gain ... an idea as to what the goal of village freedom is all about. Having understood the core Gandhian and Uttaramerur visions focus on the six freedoms. Look up the examples of the villages in which these have been achieved. Then look for the process which your village must follow to set the things in motion. The complete analysis though is available in a book and it is available on Amazon. You will get access to it in the literature section. So the aim should be to go through the website, share it with members of your village, and use the available contents to work towards freedom for your village.

How can I participate meaningfully in an empowerment process?
Click "Here" to go to the relevant page in this website. Also check out the chapter shared in the literature tab, it will provide some useful insights on how to approach the challenge.

Where can I access the comprehensive solution?
Check out the website Sinduland Genius by the same author. It gives an insight into the comprehensive solution for the nation.

Does this website also tackle caste and communal issues?
It does not address the issue directly. However, the antitode for the issue is built ... into the transformation process. Besides, this, the original comprehensive solution addresses the issue in detail. Having considered the original vedic thought and taking inputs from genetics, the case regarding the true nature of the system and therefore the solution to it is discussed. check out the book "Rising to Second Freedom" in the website Sinduland Genius.

Who all can benefit from it?
The direct stake holders include the village citizens, the government, the political parties, ... Social workers, sports persons, artists and spiritual leaders. But eventually it matters to the entire nation. Nothing can beat a nation who's citizens have taken up initiative for righteous action. Even if a few villages begin to experinece the freedom and power of being responsible, it can trigger great change. It can kick start a prosperity cycle in which the entire economy, along with the present players, will get a huge boost.

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