6.3 Contributory
It is important that the village cherish dreams of contributing to the nation and the world. Alternatively, it should patronize individuals and institutions within its boundaries who seek to make such contributions that the village can be proud of. It should look forward to send Olympians, soldiers, administrators, leaders, scientists, etc., in the service of the nation and the world.
Relevance:         When a free community looks ahead, it will think of ‘giving’ to the nation more than ‘asking’ from it. ... It will want to achieve a position of such self-sufficiency that it can produce and contribute men and resources needed for building a great nation.

Detailed Rationale:         One of the greatest indices of free individuals or free societies is that they give to others ... out of a sense of abundance. That, of course, does not mean that everyone who gives is wise, or even that someone who is wise will definitely give you whatever and whenever you ask of him. But one thing is sure. Around such a person, there is always a feeling of plenty. There is enough. The free community, likewise, needs to have a feeling of plenty/abundance in its disposition.

A great contributory vision can pour great energy into the life of a village—when a village seeks to give, it automatically assumes that it has grown and dwells in that excellence and prosperity. A great contributory track record is one of the best indices that can be used to determine the depth of a village’s freedom.

Success Stories and Action:
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A village must target excellence, to be the best in what it does and to instill the thirst for ‘being the best’ in its citizens. Its citizens can contribute to the nation and the world only if they are world-beaters. A village must attempt to raise itself high in skilling, education and team-building to heights such that its citizens gain recognition at national and international levels. All this can be achieved only if it is in pursuit of a vision in which it sees its citizens achieve great things in the world outside.

The village may specialize in a certain area if it has strengths in something specific. But it must be worth the effort, and it must be something that gives the village energy and pride.

Hatalgeri, Gadag district, Karnataka; which is proud of its distinction of having at least one member of nearly every household in the Indian armed forces. This may not have started as a vision in the first place, but given the dangers inherent to Military service, and the earnestness of the families to send its members despite the dangers, it amounts to the development of a contributory vision. And the village can be proud of its contribution to the defence of the nation.
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