Second Freedom; when my village becomes self-responsible

4.2 Health Care and Wellness
The village must develop within itself a culture of healthy living. It must undertake activities that will help its citizens attain and maintain themselves in the pinkest of physical and mental health. In a sense, this aspect of freedom will reflect a pro-active approach with respect to illnesses. As it is said, a stitch in time saves nine. If efforts are routinely applied in the direction of monitoring good health and taking pre-emptive measures, it will have two important benefits. It will improve the quality of living, and it will reduce expenses on medicine.
Relevance:         Life in a healthy body is anytime better. The health of a nation is not measured by ... the number of hospitals in it; rather, it is measured by the number and quality of institutions that are directly responsible for maintaining the health and fitness of its citizens.
Detailed Rationale:         Overlapping with the other responsibilities related to sports, arts, culture, spirituality, ... hygiene, medicine and nutrition, this aspect of freedom will also make itself manifest in certain initiatives centered on wellness and pro-active healthcare.

The inclusion of spiritualism in the list of related subjects given above is deliberate. It has been established that the health of the person is deeply related to the state of his mind, which has deep connections with spirituality. If relevant spiritual activities and disciplines are stripped off their religious color and applied in the daily life of the village. They will stimulate nicer attitudes, calmer dispositions and higher efficiencies. Such activities should be induced into the life blood of a village with great deliberation.
Success Stories and Action:
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Two important areas to focus on would be education and support related to the entire human biological cycle and innovative assistance in discouraging health-damaging practices and habits. The village should also actively encourage and facilitate various wellness regimens based on yogasanas, breath control, meditation, aerobics, laughter clubs, mind science, personality development, etc., thus leading to better all-round health.

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