2 Economic Freedom
This set of freedoms pertains to the ability of the village to survive and thrive in the economic scenario of the 21st century. Its economic status must be individually sound. It includes things like using its resources economically, producing those things which give them a competitive advantage, making arrangements for all the inputs that are required to sustain a stable economic process and ensuring that the village fits competitively into the larger scheme of economics of the nation and the world.

Both ultimate freedom and penultimate freedom are more dependent on matters of the spirit; therefore, matters of the spirit are of primary importance. Even so, the material aspect and money are important in the pursuit of freedoms and must be accorded their due. The economic status of every village needs to be sound. It is an important component for the freedom of a village. There are five areas of focus in order to achieve this freedom.
2.1 Adaptation and Integration
The village should display an ability to understand the economic need of the time and should quickly fine-tune its processes in order to thrive in the commercial setup of the economy. Click here for more details.
2.2 Employment
The village should strive to attain hundred percentage employment for all eligible members of its workforce, and in the process, it must succeed in attaining a high national average for gainful employment. The employment must suffice for all families in the village to rise above the need for food, clothing and shelter and have enough for security, health, hygiene, education and cultural involvement. Click here for more details.
2.3 Financial
The village should ensure the proper health of its financial sector; both lending and repayment must be efficient and effective. It should ensure that finance is available at reasonable rates of interests for the village dwellers. It should ensure that the processes involved are also Click here for more details.
2.4 Technological
In the pursuit of manufacturing clean, quality and useful products, the village must have knowledge about and access to the best of technologies that are applicable in their situation. All commercial and other activities in a village that may contain applications of science and technology must happen on par with the latest available across the globe. All village institutions must reflect this pursuit. Encouraging a culture of innovation and rewarding such innovations generally ensures this indirectly. Click here for more details.
2.5 Resource Economization
Every village has immense resources, whether it is of man, material, produce, raw materials or simple gifts of nature. And these must be allocated in such a way so as to maximize the use, minimize the wastage/degradation and, wherever applicable, ensure rejuvenation for future generations’ use. Click here for more details.
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