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1.4 Census
The village must maintain a complete data bank of the members of the village, stored in a computer and based on a pattern given by the state.
Relevance:         This data is important from the point of view of development planning, ... both from the level of grassroots organizations and from the higher levels of government. Proper statistics also plays an important role in the effective transfer of benefits at the time of compensation during acquisition. Targeted benefits can be better given if this data is correctly available. It is also important from the point of view of setting goals for the villages and deciding on the nature and quantity of benefits that must be given to a village.
Detailed Rationale:         More often than not, when sincere and efficient officers of the administration wish to decide ... on giving benefits to a particular region or a particular group of people, they fall short of data to make the right decisions. A caution is that such information can be misused, but it can also be gainfully used to provide benefits or to target persons and groups. Such data in the hands of miscreants is dangerous; but the same information can also be used for their protection. But, in all, it is important from an administration point of view so that well-wishers can see where the village currently stands and what changes may be required for further development.
Success Stories and Action:
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Most successful nations have proper records of every individual citizen of their nation. Their social security number gives access to relevant certificates and data in advanced countries. It is possible to maintain confidentiality as followed in these cases. In any case, such processes are already happening in India. The election ID, ration card and aadhar card are relevant examples. But clarity is required within a village. A village must have authorized updated data at its fingertips.

This may look controversial from the perspective of CAA and NCR. While there is no denying that there is a need to properly enumerate and list out the citizens of the nation, it is also a fact that no fool proof practical constitutional method can be found to seperate citizen from non citizen in the present situation. And it is meaningless where spelling mistakes and and surname policies can deny citizenship in a genuine case. That is besides the case. What is being discussed here is about the information available in a village community. What is available in the collective consciousness of the village body needs to be put down on paper. Only modalities need to be worked out. It may or may not assist in the creation of a final NCR for the nation, but a village will have its own documentation as to who is native to it and who it is responsible for
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